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Studio Ghibli is hiring
Film & TVYour dream job just became available at Studio Ghibli
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MusicSome of the best Studio Ghibli soundtracks are getting a vinyl release
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my summer of love
Film & TVTen sad summer movies to suit your sunburnt mood
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Film & TVTake a sneak peek at the Studio Ghibli theme park
only yesterday
Film & TVRIP Isao Takahata, a visionary who gave complex beauty to the everyday
Film & TVSee a dazzling clip from former Studio Ghibli staff’s new film
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Film & TVWatch the trailer for ex-Studio Ghibli staffers’ new film
My Neighbour Totoro
Film & TVStudio Ghibli reopens for Hayao Miyazaki’s new film
Still from “Princess Mononoke” (1997)
Life & CultureWhy Princess Mononoke is even more relevant 20 years later
No Face
Arts+CultureAll the Studio Ghibli food we’d love to eat & what it means
kiki's delivery service
Arts+CultureKiki’s Delivery Service is the perfect gateway into anime
Arts+CultureA Studio Ghibli theme park is coming to Japan
Totoro Ghibli Miyazaki
Arts+CultureWant to work on Hayao Miyazaki’s last ever film?
The Red Turtle
Arts+CultureTalking turtles and time in Ghibli's wordless new epic
THE TRIBE (Myroslav Slaboshpytskiy, 2014)
Arts+CultureThe best movies where no one says a word
Hayao Miyazaki
Arts+CultureNew doc explores life and work of Ghibli’s Hayao Miyazaki
Arts+CultureEx-Studio Ghibli director shares trailer for debut film
Arts+CultureMeeting one of the youngest female directors in anime
My Neighbour Totoro
Arts+CultureHayao Miyazaki ditches retirement to direct a feature film
Arts+CultureWatch the first trailer for Studio Ghibli’s new TV show
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MusicWatch Hayao Miyazaki-directed music video ‘On Your Mark’
Arts+CultureA rarely seen Studio Ghibli TV film is coming to cinemas