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TikTok’s fave game, Among Us, just became beauty’s new trend

red kinda sus...

If you’ve been on TikTok recently – be honest – then you’ll likely have seen a video or ten showing a variety of coloured cartoon figures either killing or being killed. 

Lost? The game is Among Us – an online multiplayer game first released in 2018, but went viral this year thanks to us all being inside. The premise of the game is simple, either complete your tasks as a Crewmate or sabotage and kill everyone if you’re an Imposter. Anytime a body is discovered or an emergency meeting called, the remaining players vote to eliminate who they think is an Imposeter. We don’t know why, but red kinda sus... 

Unsurprisingly, after taking over TikTok, beauty fanatics have decided to jump on the hype and turn the characters into nail and make-up looks. The most popular look is the Among Us winged liner, with a Crewmate meeting a sorry end at the hands of an Imposter.

But that's not the limit of the trend, D100-er Abby Roberts turned herself into an Imposter, helmet and all. Elsewhere, nail sets see the voted players drifting in space, or sliced in half by the Imposter on the adjacent nail. Here, we round-up some of our faves.