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Lady Gaga vma makeup Haus Labs Sarah Tanno

How to achieve Lady Gaga’s masked VMAs beauty look

Make-up artist and global artistry director of Haus Labs Sarah Tanno shares the products and process

If you’re only just waking up, rub the sleep out of your eyes and head over to YouTube immediately to watch Lady Gaga’s first live performance since releasing her sixth studio album Chromatica. A medley of tracks – including “Chromatica II”, “911”, “Enigma”, “Stupid Love”, and “Rain on Me” – the singer performed the entire time while wearing a futuristic face mask; leaving you with no excuse to not be wearing one yourself. 

With most of her face covered, her make-up artist Sarah Tanno had the difficult job of creating an impactful eye look with a limited canvas. “We wanted to transcend the different dimensions of Chromatica, taking you on a ride with her glam from the really approachable but very glamorous, simple make-up for the carpet to something really industrial, punk and kind of retro with her glam for the performance” she explains. “All the while wearing a shield or mask and always protecting herself and everyone around her.”

To achieve the look yourself, all you’ll need is Haus Labs’ EYE-DENTIFY gel pencil eyeliner in shades ‘Punk’ and ‘Antique Rose’. First blend ‘Punk’ into the top lash line and blend into the crease for a smoky effect, before covering the rest of the lid in ‘Antique Rose’. Tanno also used ‘Applause’ from the Fame eyeshadow palette under brow and on the cheekbones to highlight, before finishing with ‘Punk’ eyeliner

Why stop there? While you’re busy trying to perfect the look yourself, we’ve rounded up 12 more creative eye looks you can try while still wearing a mask.