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Ariana's sleek liner

12 creative eye looks for expressing yourself in a mask

If your eyes are the only thing visible, why not make them count with these make-up inspirations?

We should all be wearing masks now everytime we leave the house to protect ourselves and our fellow human beings. Because of this, the way we wear make-up is inevitably going to change. While a reliable non-smudge liquid lipstick might well stay put underneath that mask, it’s often easier to forego lipstick altogether – no one is going to see it anyway! What they will see, however, is your eyes, the focal point a la that one challenge on America’s Next Top Model. So now is the perfect time to think outside the box, practice your smize, and go all out with your lids, lashes, and brows.

According to a report by analysts NPD, during lockdown and in the wake of lockdown measures easing, there’s been a significant uptick in eye make-up sales among more prestige cosmetic brands. Lip products make up a decreasing number of sales. NPD found that mascara and eyeshadow dominated makeup sales, up from 22 per cent of makeup sales before lockdown, compared to 25 per cent post-lockdown. Eyebrow products, which have been consistently popular over the last few years, also grew in its market share. Contrastingly, lip products fell from 14 per cent of sales pre-pandemic, to 12 per cent since lockdown lifted.

Here, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite bold, expressive, colourful eye looks to bring you all the inspiration you need for when you’re responsibly masked up and socially distanced.