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Photography Me Love Me Alot

Using her body as her canvas, MLMA constructs fantastically bizarre worlds

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LocationToronto, Canada
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You might be familiar with digital artist Me Love Me Alot as the brains behind those viral wavy eyebrows that became a much-reposted sensation last year. But to write her off as a one-hit weird-Internet-trend wonder would be a mistake.

“I want people to know that I may be succeeding now but it all began in the slums of Korea and I crawled out,” the artist says. Having honed her fierce imagination by creating fantasy worlds in her head to escape her surroundings, MLMA channels this creativity into her Instagram art where she constructs fantastical tableaux and mind-bending illusions using her body as her canvas. From fashioning herself into monstrous forms, featuring her signature singular coloured contact lens, to hiding miniature clones of herself, MLMA’s work is as bizarre as it as beautiful and looks like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

When she’s not creating otherworldly visuals, MLMA moonlights as a SoundCloud rapper, a pursuit which will see her collaborate with former Dazed 100-er Tommy Cash later this year. Also in the pipeline is the artist’s upcoming second collection with Korean fashion brand SKOOT. “I hope the youth in Korea learn through me that you don’t need to come from a privileged family to be somebody,” she says.

Alex Peters