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Keanu Reeves
Courtesy of Meredith Nirui

Keanu Reeves is the latest celebrity beauty influencer – unbeknownst to him

Move aside Jeff Goldblum

Keanu Reeves – actor, model, internet boyfriend, delightful human being, and possible immortal vampire – can now add another title to his impressive resume: beauty influencer. Because, it turns out, he was the inspiration behind GlamGlow’s now cult product YouthMud.

The beauty brand known for its masks and celebrity fans, including designer Matty Bovan, started off its journey with the exfoliating treatment YouthMud in 2010 and it's all thanks to Reeves. The story begins back in 2008, when Shannon Dellimore, who co-founded the brand alongside husband Glenn, was at a party in the Hollywood Hills and found herself talking to the actor. “Keanu was talking about getting older and being up late reading scripts, and how to make his skin camera ready,” Shannon said in an interview with LA Mag. “It was this all-in-one thing: ‘I have 10 minutes, and I want to look like I just had a facial.’”

There was nothing on the market at the time that could produce the desired effects instantly and was affordable, so the Dellimores set out to create their own and GlamGlow was born. 

So far there’s no word on whether Reeves actually uses the mask or is even aware of the cult phenomenon he inadvertently inspired. If he does know, however, it could be the perfect opportunity to follow in the footsteps of fellow unexpected beauty influencer Jeff Goldblum and film a first impression review of the product. Not that he needs to look any younger!