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From Folsom to Stonehenge: Travel the world via 10 beauty photo stories

Visit Berlin, Transnistria, Kyiv, Torino, New York, and more – all from the comfort of your bedroom

Living life under lockdown, the furthest you’ve probably been recently is to the local shop and back. Oh the promises though of where you’ll go once it lifts though. While you save your pennies to fulfil those dreams and stay home to stay safe, we want to take you on (free!) global tour via 10 photo stories from the Dazed Beauty archive. 

These anthropological snapshots show fetish-lovers at Berlin-based Folsom festival, the magick community celebrating the summer Solstice and Stonehenge, to a rave in Italy and working women in Transnistria (no, not Transylvania). 

So recline your chair, put your feet up, and travel from one corner of the world to the other. 


Folsom, the annual kinky celebration, and Europe’s largest fetish festival is a treasure trove of latex-clad horsemen, puppies on leashes, gimps, and so much more. Navigate the sights of Nollendorfplatz U Bahn station with Uma Termas’s images.


Ever been to a beauty salon in Ukraine? If yes, relive the experience. If no, step right up and find out exactly what it’s like here via Julie Poly’s snaps.


With 2020 Pride sadly cancelled almost everywhere around the world – including London :( – relive the best beauty looks from last year’s parade. Rainbows all around!


Here, photographer Hannah Burton immersed herself in the magick community who made their annual pilgrimage to Stonehenge for the summer solstice – the longest day of the year.


Festivals, raves, getting hot and sweaty in a club – oh how we miss you. While we wait for the day that can happen again, delve into Torino’s Kappa FuturFestival.


For Rooted – our campaign celebrating the power of black hair – photographer Amber Pinkerton travelled to Kingston, Jamaica to capture intimate portraits of locals living their everyday lives. “The beauty of Jamaica lies within it’s slow-paced, laidback nature,” she explained at the time, but you can immerse yourself in it to find that out for yourself.


The magick community spreads far and wide across the world, something we discovered with Witch Week last October. Travelling up and down New York, photographer Bella Newman visited some of the practicing witches, like Skye McLaughlin below, of the state to capture them in their personal spaces.


For Behind the Masc: Rethinking Masculinity, photographer Rob Bremner transported us across both time and space, sharing his archive images of young Liverpudlian men from the 80s.


A favourite of Dazed Beauty’s photography and commissioning director Saorla Houston, for Behind the Masc, she commissioned photographer Kuba Ryniewicz to photograph men and women practicing a 2000-year-old ancient martial art called Kalari. “The final images are so beautiful,” she says, but you can find that out for yourself.


It’s unlikely you’ve ever heard of Transnistria, let alone visited. The thin strip of post-Soviet land has been closely controlled by its government and is extremely traditional. With female employment as low as 37 per cent, we asked photographer Anton Polyakov to capture the working women of the country – from bus drivers and policewomen, to bodybuilders – and explore how they’re defying gender norms.