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Jonathan Van Ness
courtesy of Instagram/@jvn

Jonathan Van Ness says don’t cut your hair in isolation – we disagree

It’s just hair!

In the month or so that we have been isolating ourselves, everyone has become very concerned about their hair and what will become of it now that we can’t access professional salons. From trims to full on buzzcuts, people have been taking their hair into their own hands, literally, but Jonathan Van Ness wants everyone to slow their horses.

The Queer Eye grooming expert appeared on the at-home edition of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon last week to talk about his cats, the children’s book he wrote about a non-binary guinea pig, Peanut Goes For Gold, and also to share his hair tips.

Asked by Fallon what his advice is for people who want to cut their own hair in isolation, Van Ness says the most important advice is to not. “It’s just to not do it. Just don’t do it,” he said.

The average human head, Van Ness explained, grows between a quarter of an inch and a half an inch of hair a month meaning that we don’t need to worry about what will (hopefully) be at most a couple of inches of hair.

“Try a new look, maybe you need a shag, maybe you need a little bit of length,” he continued. “Because what you don’t want to do is mess up your hair so bad that you’re still growing that thing out after the quarantine.” Most people will be fine with a little bit longer hair was his message.

It’s good, sensible advice but, as much as we love JVN, we say: do it anyway!

Hair is one of the only things we can exert some control over during this time and if cutting your own hair is going to make you feel better than do it. Experiment! Shave your head! Dye it pink! Try a new look, now’s the time. It worked for Rosalía.

It will always grow back.

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