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10 iconic beauty looks from Lady Gaga’s music videos

From Coca-Cola can rollers in ‘Telephone’ to the ass-grazing platinum wig in ‘G.U.Y.’, here are our faves from the artist

For over a decade – yes, really – Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, AKA Lady Gaga, has been scalping the entire world with her boundary pushing music, looks, videos, everything.

Whether she’s a sexy nun cavorting with scantily clad boys in “Alejandro” or a murderous (probable) lesbian with Beyoncé in “Telephone”, there really is no limit to who or what Gaga will appear as. 

To celebrate the release of new (for those who didn’t illegally obtain the leaked version) single and music video “Stupid Love” – more on the make-up look here – we rounded up 10 of our fave iconic beauty looks from Gaga’s hall of fame. 

“JUST DANCE” (2008)

Where it all started. Back in 2008, a relatively unknown artist, Lady Gaga, burst onto the scene, causing a scene with her OTT fashions, though looking back, it was just the beginning of a slew of gag-worthy looks. For her debut music video “Just Dance”, the singer paid tribute to David Bowie with a lightning bolt down one side of her face in electric blue. While not as standout as some of her later beauty looks, the 80s aesthetic is one that Gaga has revisited again and again throughout her career. (DC)

“POKER FACE” (2008)

Probably one of the most iconic Gaga looks of all time; the hair bow. Little Monsters first saw this trend-setting look featured in the music video for “Poker Face”. After the premiere of this new accessory, it went on to be one of her favourite go-to looks throughout her career. Elsewhere in the video, we see Gaga looking similarly glam in classic long blonde wigs and false lashes. (GM)

“PAPARAZZI” (2009)

In 2009, Lady Gaga released “Paparazzi” which, long story short, leads to her poisoning her boyfriend, played by Alexander Skarsgård. A coveted look from the video was her Minnie Mouse-esque print jumpsuit and sunglasses, but we’re here for the beauty, this time created by make-up and SFX artist Verity Fiction. The bold black lip used a gradient lip technique popular in Korea, said to give a youthful and innocent appearance. Perfect for her coquettish smirk when Skarsgård drops dead at the end of the video. (KA)

“TELEPHONE” (2010)

“Telephone” featuring Beyoncé became one of the most iconic Gaga music videos for its artistic, creative, and edgy vibe. While there are so many iconic beauty moments in Telephone to choose from – including her telephone headpiece made out of hair or Beyoncé’s American flag-print nails – the standout one, seen on countless YouTube tutorials, was the Coca-Cola can hair rollers. Created by hairstylist Danilo, the style caused a frenzy online, quickly becoming a fave Halloween look that year. (KA)

“BORN THIS WAY” (2011)

“Born This Way” celebrated everyone from different walks of life and is one Gaga’s most electric, unapologetic, and avant-garde masterpieces – directed by fashion photographer Nick Knight. Featuring Canadian artist, actor, and model Rick Genest (AKA Zombie Boy) and his iconic skeleton face tattoo, make-up artist Billy Brasfield re-created this look on Lady Gaga and had us all shook. In the words of Gaga, it was: “Talented, brilliant, incredible, amazing, show-stopping, spectacular, never the same, totally unique, completely not ever been done before, unafraid to reference or not reference, put it in a blender, shit on it, vomit on it, eat it, give birth to it’’ Literally. (KA)

“JUDAS” (2011)

Bejewelled nails and giant hair tied up with a bandana; as a motorcycle-riding Mary Magdalene, Gaga gives us everything we need in “Judas”. To deviate from the storyline of treachery and treason though, the hero beauty moment of the video is her intricate black liner designs that twist and curl around her eyes. As Gaga does best, years before Rihanna made a case for pencil-thin brows, she did it first here. (KA)

“YOÜ AND I” (2011)

In the music video for “Yoü and I” we see a range of different beauty looks from Gaga, but our favourite has got to be Yüji the Mermaid – one of her multiple alter-egos. The make-up is made to look as if Gaga has gills on her face and scales on her breasts and she looks otherworldly and beautiful all at once. Other characters like Jo Calderone – Gaga’s male counterpart – also appear with cropped hair and bushy brows. (GM)

“APPLAUSE” (2013)

Perhaps the most iconic beauty look ever worn by Lady Gaga (in our humble opinion) is the smudged paint make-up created by Dazed contributing beauty editor Yadim for “Applause”. According to Gaga, the cascading paint on her face was inspired by the point at the end of an artist’s performance when they’re the most vulnerable and looking for approval from their audience. Unsurprisingly, since the look came out in 2013, there have been countless YouTube tutorials helping you recreate it. What about the other looks though? Placing your head on the body of a swan would be far more ambitious. (DC)

“G.U.Y.” (2014)

In true Gaga style, the music video for “G.U.Y.” is totally over-the-top and (of course) so is her hair. She wears a long platinum blonde wig that reaches her ankles. Dead straight with not a single hair out of place. Gaga’s hair acts as another prop as it gets tossed about behind her almost like a cape. In one scene, the long hair even manages to cover up her naked body which is pretty impressive. Who wouldn’t want a long blonde wig in their costume collection? (GM)

“STUPID LOVE” (2020)

Iconic already – yes, really – we cannot get enough of this monochromatic pink look courtesy of make-up artist Sarah Tanno. For more on how to recreate the look – that she calls ‘Kindness Punk’ – yourself, we know you want to, read here. (DC)