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fka twigs cat birthday party ed marler matthew josephs
Photography Roxy Lee

The cat’s pyjamas: Exclusive snaps of FKA twigs’ cat-themed birthday party


ICYMI, cats are obsessed with FKA twigs – or at least that’s what Twitter wants you to believe after multiple users posted pictures and videos of their cats watching the artist perform, seemingly in a complete trance. 

It would seem the love affair is two-sided however, with twigs holding a celebratory cat-themed party for her 32nd birthday. The dress code saw her loved ones transform into furry friends for the party and screening, which was captured by photographer Roxy Lee. “I think it is just funny to get 100 adults to dress up as cats,” twigs explains.

With make-up created by MAC’s Rachel O’Donnell, the incredible feline look was inspired by the original looks from the 80s stage version of Cats – not the terrifying remake. “My mum took me to see Cats the musical when I was about 11,” twigs tells us. “I saw how flexible everyone was and it made me see movement in a different way. The performers were really cat-like and I always had dreams of being a Victoria in Cats but it never really worked out”. 

Stepping into completely different characters is something the singer has always found intriguing. “I like to see how it affects me physically or my mood. The swapping, sharing and rummaging for things to wear,” she explains. “I’ve based my whole life around becoming different characters and embodying different spirits so it’s part of who I am”.