Photo story

Gabbriette pays tribute to Vivienne Westwood
Vivienne WestwoodWelcome to Hollyweird: Gabbriette’s surreal tribute to Vivienne Westwood
siren swamp Scarlett Carlos Clarke
make upThese photos play on the seductive power of the mythological siren
Heav3n queer club night LA feat. Chloe Cherry
FashionPhotos from Chloe Cherry’s Heav3nly debut DJ set
Siren sisters Miriam Marlene Waldner Odie Senesh
Photo story Aliengelic: the story of two beautiful aliens lost in LA
PolandPasteloza: finding beauty inspiration in post-communist Polish architecture
Matisek x Andrew Gallimore pop art
Andy WarholThis beauty shoot celebrates the fantasy of Richard Bernstein’s pop art
Halo effect by Scarlett Casciello
Photo story Halo, it’s me: this photo story explores the creative potential of light
Mélie Hirtz dazed beauty Rubik's cube
Photo story This photo series is a Rubik’s Cube of beauty looks
Max Heilbronn Trim buzzcut dyed hair
buzzcutThese photos show the enduring appeal of the colourful buzzcut
Yulia Plakhotnikova: The Colour Theorem
Photo story What happens when you fuse Hieronymus Bosch with 90s rave make-up?
Iga Drobisz girls shoot dazed beauty
Photo story Girls, girls, girls: revel in nostalgic glamour with this Polaroid shoot
aliocha wallon hair beauty dazed
hairWhat would apocalyptic beauty really look like?
Beautiful Strangers dazed Winter 2022 issue
winter-2022-issueThese photos will expand your idea of beauty
Ethel Cain gig at Heaven, London by Morgane Maurice
FashionCapturing the eclectic, all over the place style of Ethel Cain’s fans
Scarlett Carlos Clarke x Grace Ellington
Las VegasThese photos capture the seedy, sweaty glamour of Vegas
UnCommon Beauty Lagos drag, trans women, crossdressers
Beauty FeaturePhotos of Nigeria’s gender non-conforming community
halloween Lisa Michalik
HalloweenAn alternative guide to haunting Halloween beauty
Tabitha Johanna Nyholm
bodiesThese slimy, sticky photos celebrate feminine sensuality
Nybé Ponzio
hairIn pictures: Hairstyles and heritage in Mali’s capital, Bamako
Taiba Kitchen
hairHairstylist Taiba Taiba wants to talk about climate change
Hazel Gaskin nails
NailsNails and nostalgia: A love letter to growing up as a girl in the 90s
Chavosos by Jeff
Beauty FeatureIn pictures: the artistic hairstyles of São Paulo’s young men
Joey Choy make-up shoot
make upThis beauty shoot puts a modern spin on traditional Geisha make-up
Hazel Gaskin x Grace Ellington
Hazel GaskinThese photos capture the self-expressive power of make-up