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Paris Hilton on skincare and surgery: 'I’m proud to say I’m all natural'

As she launches her new skincare line ProD.N.A. we catch up with the original It Girl to talk all things beauty

Before there was Kim there was Paris; model, DJ, muse, reality TV star, businesswoman, boss, trademark queen. They say she even invented the selfie. And now she’s making her way into skincare with brand new line ProD.N.A. Comprising four different products - a cleansing gel, an eye firming cream, a face and décolletage cream, and an advanced recovery serum- the line incorporates Nobel Peace Prize-winning science to rigorously target signs of ageing.

Of course, this isn’t Paris’ first move into beauty. Over the years she’s launched more make-up lines than you can shake a stick at and a total of 25 fragrances. And she’s just invested in popular beauty app The Glam. Now that’s hot. But for the original It Girl, skincare is a new venture. And yet seems the most natural fit of all. With her flawless complexion and that perennially youthful glow, she’s the poster girl of ageless skin. Besides, she’s certainly put the work in. “Since my mother taught me how to take care of my skin from a young age I’ve always been really careful about taking very good care of it,” she says. Happily, for us, she’s decided to share some of her secrets. 

What is your earliest beauty memory?
Paris Hilton:  When I was a teenager my mom didn’t allow me to wear make-up. One day while playing with Nicole Richie, she grabbed some eyeliner from her mom’s drawers and drew cat eyes on me. I absolutely LOVED it.  From that moment on I was obsessed with make-up. 

Growing up, who were you’re beauty icons? Who or what were you most influenced by in terms of how you looked and presented yourself?
Paris Hilton: Marilyn Monroe is definitely my favourite beauty icon. Her look is so timeless, sexy and confident. And confidence is always hot.

Did you experiment with make-up and beauty when you were younger? How so?
Paris Hilton: My mom used to dress Nicki and me up in little matching dresses as a kid - everyone thought we were twins! I loved dress up but I wasn’t allowed to wear make-up that young so I had to play pretend. I think that’s the main reason why I have such a big imagination!

How has your approach to beauty evolved through the years? 
Paris Hilton: Over the years, I created my own make-up line and skincare line. I’ve poured out my love and passion for beauty into all of my lines, and have built an empire which involves 25 fragrances and my newest product line, ProD.N.A. My ProD.N.A. line is absolutely amazing, and it involves all of the ingredients that have helped me stay young throughout the years!

What led you to found your own skincare range Pro DNA skincare? What did you think was lacking in the industry that you wanted to address?
Paris Hilton: I’ve been obsessed with skincare since I was a kid, so starting my own line has always been a dream! The skincare industry has so many options, but I found that there wasn’t one line that incorporated everything I needed. I always used a ton of products from a variety of different brands, and I just needed something that actually worked and also fit into my crazy schedule. That’s why I started ProD.N.A. - the products are so effective (all of the formulas took over two years to perfect) and luxurious. I believe in these products so much. The scientists that discovered the DNA repair enzyme in ProD.N.A. won a Nobel Prize, and we even have a 60-return policy! I’m just so proud of this line and I can’t wait for everyone to try it. 

What’s the best make-up or skincare advice you could give? How did you learn it?
Paris Hilton: Drink water and stay out of the sun! Since my mother taught me how to take care of my skin from a young age I’ve always been really careful about taking very good care of it. You only get one complexion so you have to treat it with love and care. When I do go out in the sun, I always wear at least SPF 30 sunscreen.

What are you looking forward to about ageing? 
Paris Hilton: I’m excited to expand my empire! My ProD.N.A. line is new and I’m so excited for everyone to try it and finally have the perfect, ageless skin they’ve always wanted! Im obsessed with all skin care products, I’m proud to say I’m all natural – no fillers, Botox or surgery. And I’m very proud of myself for creating a skincare line that anyone can use, so they can take the natural route to ageing as well! 

How do you feel about the anti-ageing industry? 
Paris Hilton: I feel like the anti-ageing industry often takes advantage of people’s insecurities instead of encouraging them to love themselves. That’s why I think good skincare, a positive body image and taking care of yourself is so important. 

What are your views on plastic surgery? 
Paris Hilton: I don’t personally have plastic surgery, but I think people should be able to do whatever they want with their bodies!   

How have you seen the beauty industry change over the years?
Paris Hilton: Products are definitely getting so high-tech and effective. There’s so many amazing ingredients out now. It’s perfect because I can use only 4 skincare products from my ProD.N.A. line and that’s all I need!

How has social media changed and affected our ideas of beauty?
Paris Hilton: I believe there’s so much pressure for young women and even young men right now. They’ve been misled by social media to believe these really unrealistic and negative standards of beauty. And they don’t just see it in magazines anymore, it’s always bombarding them wherever they look. But I think people are starting to realise that social media isn’t real and that being different is beautiful.

What is the future of beauty?
Paris Hilton: My Paris Hilton ProD.N.A. line!