Plastic surgery

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Beauty Feature‘Not ugly, just poor’: how the beauty industry is widening the class divide
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Life & CultureHow influencers became the scam artists of the digital age
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Botox and filler
Beauty newsEngland bans under-18s from Botox and fillers to prevent harmful treatments
Marc Jacobs facelift
Beauty newsMarc Jacobs opens up about his IG-documented facelift
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Dr Motox
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Butt implants spiked in popularity during the pandemic
Beauty newsButt implants spiked in popularity during lockdown
TikTok plastic surgeon
Beauty newsPlastic surgeon suspended for TikTok dances with bags of human flesh
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Beauty FeatureWhy is lockdown making more people get cosmetic surgery?
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Justin and Hailey
Beauty newsHailey and Justin Bieber are threatening to sue a TikTok plastic surgeon
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Beauty newsGigi Hadid: ‘People are so fast to do permanent things to their face’