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Photography Inez & Vinoodh

QUIZ: What crystal are you?

Take our quiz to get your recommended crystal

Welcome to the Dazed Beauty Digital Spa, a space where you can come to escape the stresses of everyday life. From crystals to colour therapy, in this section, we'll be hosting a series of interactive quizzes designed to help you on your way to reaching ultimate wellness.

Crystals have been used in different ways and within different cultures for centuries. The ancient Sumerians, one the world’s earliest known civilisations, would use crystals in magic ceremonies to ward off evil spirits and aid prosperity. In ancient China, jade was used and cherished for its purity and moral stability. Elsewhere, the ancient Egyptians used turquoise and clear quartz in their amulets for good health and protection, and for over 2,000 years, Tibetans have used crystal singing bowls in their rituals to reach meditative bliss.

Fast-forward to today, and crystals are as popular as ever - used in wellness practices for their strong vibrations, worn on the body to connect us to the Earth, kept in pockets, hanging on chains, and placed in sacred spaces to ward off negative energy. They are also being widely used within the beauty industry, crushed up in facemasks and fashioned into face rollers to cleanse, illuminate and energise skin. The effects are as diverse as the stones themselves: rose quartz promotes self-love and emotional connection, citrine brings power and success, and amethyst reduces stress. There is a crystal to meet your every need. Take this quiz and find out which one meets yours.

Take the Quiz

How have you been feeling recently?

Not great, a general feeling of anxiety most of the time.
Happy, things are going good.
Stressed. Permanently stressed.
Cheeky and playful.
Restless, I’m antsy and I don’t know why…

How would you describe your love life at the moment?

I tend to attract the wrong partners.
Sorry to be smug, but I’m currently in love.
It’s complicated.
Single life is lit.
I’m too busy for love. I’m doing project me.

How are you feeling at work at the moment?

There’s been a bit of ‘hostility’ on my team recently.
Nervous, I’ve got a big presentation on Monday…
Overwhelmed by the workload if I’m honest.
I haven’t been feeling very inspired. Bored, basically.
Great! I’ve just been promoted.

How often do you practice self-care?

Every now and then. I like to cleanse myself of negative energy.
Regularly. I try to make taking care of myself a priority.
Does tidying up my room count?
I bought The Artist’s Way… but I haven’t got round to it yet.
Never. I need some me time!

How do you feel about your friendship group?

It’s very TOWIE. There’s always some kind of drama happening.
My friends are loyal and my friendships are very important to me.
I’ve been feeling a bit distant from my friends recently.
I love meeting new people. I’m that chatty person next to you on the plane.
I see my friends every day at work. NBD.

Where do you see yourself in the future?

What future? I take each day as it comes.
Settled down with a family, living that suburban dream.
Still here, still stressed.
Lying on the beach on a faraway island sipping a cocktail.
$$$ In charge of my own empire $$$.
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