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Izzi Lewin
Photography Derek Ridgers

Meet stylist Izzi Lewin, our in house goth

If Wednesday Adams and Faris from the Horrors had a child...

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“The fictional character I relate to most is probably Edward Scissorhands,” says stylist and former Another Man assistant Izzi Lewin. “The way he is treated in the suburban village reminds me very much of how people treated me when I was younger for being different. I still get hassle to some degree but I just tend to laugh it off. I sort of see it as those people having a lack of life experience and I guess I can’t really hate them for that.”

Having her own Edward Scissorhands moment, Izzi moved to a small conservative village in France at a young age, without knowing a lick of française. There she spent her teenage years lining her eyes with kohl and finding her own alternative routes into music, fashion and film - laying the foundation for her overall style and aesthetic. Just look at her Instagram; it’s a monochromatic love letter to all things goth. When she’s not buzzing around on set or walking for dark empress Dilara Findikoglu, you can find Izzi listening to Joy Division and Bauhaus. Here she shares her thoughts on beauty.

What is it you do and why do you do it?
I’m a styling assistant recently graduated. I absolutely love assisting and researching art, trends and brands. I initially got into it through when I was studying fashion design at uni after being confused about whether I wanted to pursue photography or menswear. My course tutor suggested that I look into styling as I was always producing garments with the intent to instantly shoot them and coming up with concepts for editorial shoots.

How did you get into it?
I started interning at wonderland magazine when I was 19. From there I progressed to a few other magazines and then a friend suggested that I email another man as it has always been my favourite magazine. I’ve been assisting there now for just over a year on and off.

What are you working on at the moment?
At the moment I’m freelance assisting and also trying to find something a bit more permanent. I plan on starting my own short artistic film series and publication. A good friend of mine also needs help with his band so some promotional material and band management could also be in the works.

Who is your beauty icon?
Siouxsie Sioux. her image combines elements of all the inspirations I have. 1920s, surrealist elements and her defying punk attitude making her a strong female icon who has defied beauty and gender norms.

When do you feel most beautiful?
When I’ve got all my makeup on and when my foundation looks super pale and my eyes super bright and black smudgey. I can’t go without black nail polish either and love it when it’s chipped and starts to look really grunge. I definitely think a good outfit helps too. I love black patterned tights with black dresses I always feel good in that.

If you had to choose one surgical enhancement, what would it be?
I’ve always tried to embrace what I’d consider my flaws and make them work with what I’ve got. I’ve been told before that I have quite 1920s facial features which obviously is a blessing considering that period influences me massively in both my appearance and work. I suppose I’d like my face to be gaunter and chiselled so maybe some sort of cheekbone surgery if I had to pick one thing!

If you could have a new sense on top of your existing ones, what would it be?
Maybe not a sense but I’d love to be able to time travel and spend short periods of time in different eras that fascinate me. I think it would be amazing to be able to fully immerse yourself in that way and further my knowledge and personal style. I’d go back to the Victorian times and 1920s so that I could experience their modes of beauty and live for a while being accepted for looking that way. But maybe then I wouldn’t enjoy it as much if that’s how everyone else looks...

God - or let's just say a higher power of some sort - is only letting who they follow on Instagram into the afterlife. What kind of pic would you put up that perfectly sums you up as the person you were
A black and white portrait of myself collaged in a surrealist style with an ornate frame perhaps. I think this would reflect my aesthetic and influences perfectly. 

You’ve opted to be cryogenically frozen in hopes of continuing the human race. When you’re awoken it’ll be your responsibility to kick-start the breeding. How will you wear your hair on your first date?
Claude Cahun fringe curls and backcombed. Something super dark so I’d be attracting the right person