artistThe artist crafting intricate, out-of-this-world masks
artistHow Hal Baddie became the alternative face of wellness
Jewel Yang
Makeup artistJewel Yang creates dreamy ethno-futurist art inspired by her Kam heritage
Pa Salieu – autumn/winter 2020
Pa SalieuDat Barber Nat is keeping the fashion industry trimmed and fresh
gena marvin drag artist Russia Saint Petersburg
artistArtist Gena Marvin turns his childhood trauma into nightmarish drag looks
george jasper stone digital artist cgi
artistGeorge Jasper Stone’s digital utopias meld the natural and unnatural
the fat zine gina tonic body positive
writerGina Tonic is the writer and editor empowering a generation of fat babes
soph parkinson builds nails artist sculptures instagram
Nail artistSoph Parkinson’s playful nail sculptures are miniature works of art
niohuru climax makeup artist New York
Makeup artistNiohuru is the make-up chameleon inspired by Chinese royalty
toucheconomy Tamara Obukhova artist instagram
artistTamara Obukhova’s unpredictable looks turn the ordinary into the unusual
hair stylistIssac Poleon’s avant-garde Black hairstyles are created on pure instinct
StylistSexy goth stylist Kurt Johnson celebrates queer liberation in all forms
Brian vu Beauty photography artist makeup
Multimedia ArtistBrian Vu’s fantastical photos open up a world of limitless possibilities
Gucci beauty Ellie Goldstein downs syndrome model
ModelEllie Goldstein is the pioneer for models with Down’s Syndrome
rowi singh makeup artist south asian Indian
Makeup artistRowi Singh’s beautifully bold looks marry make-up and her Indian heritage
tjolollisa Lisa mard nail art sculpture Berlin
Nail artistLisa Mård’s swampy, amorphous nail sculptures are spontaneous works of art
hair stylistDasha Sevostyanova’s DIY hair looks use everything but the kitchen sink
vile Sanchez New York visual artist dj music producer
Visual ArtistVisual artist Vile Sánchez is the fetish cyber goth from another planet
PhotographerTom Blesch’s unedited ‘harsh soft’ photography changes how we view beauty
tomonyan55 tomoya nakagawa nail nails artist tokyo
Nail artistTomoya Nakagawa’s out of this world nails will take you to the year 3000
Lisa Michalik grills teeth makeup artist sfx
Makeup artistLisa Michalik transforms teeth with grotesque and glamorous grills
Nail artistTyler Phoenix’s high fashion nails will have you drooling on your keyboard
Charlie Murray
Makeup artistMake-up artist Charlie Murray isn’t afraid of colouring outside the lines
Wendy Asumadu
Makeup artistWelcome to Wendy Asumadu’s joyful world of kaleidoscopic colour