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PhotographerHazel Gaskin’s photos capture the pageantry of the everyday
Aoife Cullen community dazed beauty
Makeup artist‘Ugly’ make-up pioneer Aoife Cullen: ‘It’s a form of reclaiming power’
Ryo Narushima community dazed
hair stylistHairstylist Ryo Narushima’s work is rooted in death and surrealism
Shunsuke Meguro x Piczo
hair stylistShunsuke Meguro’s elaborate wigs turn anger into beauty
Mochi Hanfu community
Makeup artistMochi Hanfu is reimagining traditional Chinese beauty for today
Lora de sousa nails dazed community
Nail artistLora De Sousa’s distorted nail art is both beautiful and lethal
David Gillers Dazed Beauty Community
Makeup artistMake-up artist David Gillers is crafting sexy, subcultural beauty
Esosa Odia dazed
Visual ArtistEsosa Odia’s digital beauty looks will inspire and unsettle you
Animegvrl community dazed beauty ai makeup
Makeup artistAnimegvrl’s AR make-up is bringing beauty into the future
jessie Edelstein jessie.mp3
Visual ArtistJessie Edelstein’s clowncore beauty will give you nightmares
Alice dodds make-up
Makeup artistBimbos, bikers and clowns: enter Alice Dodds’ twisted carnival of beauty
Vlad Von Kitsch makeup
Makeup artistGorlesque: Vlad Von Kitsch is the drag artist combining gore and burlesque
Makeup artistAnything goes in Brithani Phatal’s joyful world of make-up
lagoon Femshayma
DragLagoon Femshayma is taking drag to another planet
Cyshimi nails
Nail artistCyshimi is the artist showing nail art can be a form resistance
Anastasia Pilepchuk
artistThe artist crafting intricate, out-of-this-world masks
Hal Baddie
artistHow Hal Baddie became the alternative face of wellness
Jewel Yang
Makeup artistJewel Yang creates dreamy ethno-futurist art inspired by her Kam heritage
Pa Salieu – autumn/winter 2020
Pa SalieuDat Barber Nat is keeping the fashion industry trimmed and fresh
gena marvin drag artist Russia Saint Petersburg
artistArtist Gena Marvin turns his childhood trauma into nightmarish drag looks
furmaan ahmed non-binary photographer set designer artist
Art DirectorFurmaan Ahmed’s surreal atmospheric world is an escape from mundane reality
george jasper stone digital artist cgi
artistGeorge Jasper Stone’s digital utopias meld the natural and unnatural
the fat zine gina tonic body positive
writerGina Tonic is the writer and editor empowering a generation of fat babes
soph parkinson builds nails artist sculptures instagram
Nail artistSoph Parkinson’s playful nail sculptures are miniature works of art