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bleach london
courtesy of Instagram/@alexbrownsell

Bleach launch refill stations in all salons, because our planet is not well

With refills on selected products retailing for £10 you can now save money as well as plastic

Bleach London is known for its grunge-inspired aesthetics, for its DiY philosophy, and for being responsible for the grey hair and pastel dip-dyes you’ve seen literally everywhere. But what you may not know about the brand is that it has been quietly but strongly committed to sustainability since the beginning.

From using recycled plastic and cardboard packaging for their vegan hair range and replacing their glitter with a biodegradable alternative, to hair dyes made of natural ingredients like beetroot, Bleach is dedicated to being eco-friendly and now they are back with more sustainable goodness.

Posting last night on Instagram, Bleach announced that they are introducing refill stations at all their salons to help cut down on single-use plastic. Starting with their new Pearlescent Shampoo and Conditioner – with more products to be introduced throughout the coming year – customers can buy XL-sized glass bottles (500ml) which they can bring back to a salon every time they need to top up. With the glass bottles retailing for £14 and refills for £10, you can now save money as well as plastic.

“As a young brand, we feel a social and personal responsibility to make sure that we’re trying to make our products and the way we do things as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible,” Bleach co-founder Alex Brownsell told us. “Not because we’re eco-warriors but because everybody at the moment needs to be responsible for their waste and how they’re making things.”