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Lil Miquela, Jazzelle and more tell us what's on their Christmas wish list

We asked members of the Dazed Beauty Community what beauty products were on their Christmas wish list. Here's what they are lusting after this year.

"My usual routine, if I'm not at a shoot or event, is chapstick and crossed fingers, so when I think of a beauty product I'd want to add to my Christmas wishlist, I want to go BIG. So here's what I'm asking for: the Mira app. It uses machine learning (wink wink, bih) to customize your beauty routine and recommend products that best suit your needs and beauty goals. I have no idea what my eye shape is ("eye," I thought) or whether my T-zone is flakey or pasty or pouty or whatever, so having all that info in one place would help so much. The future is now, bbs." Lil Miquela, Social Media Influencer and Dazed Beauty Arts and Culture Editor

"The number one thing on my xxxmas wishlist is the Collodion Liquid from Kryolan. It's a liquid that creates simulated scars. I think scars are really cool and would like to have one on my face without actually having to hurt myself." – Jazzelle, model and Dazed Beauty Community Member

"This Xmas I want a GlamGlow glitter mask, because I need to banish my flu and feel radiant for an Xmas drink." Matty Bovan, fashion designer and Dazed Beauty Community Member

"My Christmas list is pretty lengthy, with the recent releases of the new Fenty beauty makeup products. On the very top of my list I would have to put Fenty’s new ‘Killawatt Foil Highlighter Palette’, the packaging itself is absolutely beautiful, I am excited to see the full product this Christmas." Aweng, model and Dazed Beauty Community Member

"Mine is the crystal water bottle from Soji or Glacce. With Rose Quartz, Amethyst, or Citrine. I’m focusing on beauty from the inside out these days and often find I don’t have the time to prepare crystal elixirs the way I used to. Crystals are a big help for my anxiety and when I’m less anxious I feel and look better. So incorporating that into my day, by having an elixir where I can sip on that crystal's essence to soothe and empower me, is perfectly convenient for this busy bee.

The other one I would’ve chosen is Luna Oil from Sunday Riley. I occasionally splurge on skincare, but often can’t justify it in my mind. So it doesn’t happen often, which is why this made it to my wish list. I’ve heard amazing things, but with an NYC budget it was either nails or this- I will always choose nails. However, Luna Oil really does sound like a dreamy product – it does the work while you sleep! I’ll wish upon a star for this any night." Emilia Ortiz, Bruja and Dazed Beauty Wellness Editor

"A beauty product on my wishlist is the Mothership V: Bronze Seduction Palette By Pat Mcgrath. I love everything Pat comes out with because not only is she an icon of colour, but her aesthetics are perfect and her colour palettes go with every skin tone. This specific palette has my favourite colours and the perfect amount of shimmers and mattes. I've been obsessed for a while now and she's a dream. I also love seeing the inspiration behind her products because it's always iconic beauty and fashion moments. I hope to also work with her soon too!" La'Shaunae Stewart, model and Dazed Beauty Community Member

"The beauty product on my Christmas wish list is the Eléngé body scrub. It is a coffee scrub that smells like chocolate oranges and leaves a lovely coat of oils that moisturise the skin once the scrub has been washed off. What I love about this brand is that the products are natural, vegan-friendly and cruelty-free, and the coffee is grown in Congo DRC 'in rural areas using sustainable environmental practices'. I support beauty brands that look after our earth and think sustainably." Jess Young, nail artist and Dazed Beauty Community Member

"The product on my Christmas wish list is Antipodes Joyous Night Replenish Serum. Skincare is the no1 priority before even thinking about makeup. Antipodes' focus on self-care doesn't stop there; they're environmentally friendly, vegan and cruelty-free. This serum, in particular, is held in a glass container making it reusable, and recyclable for when it's no longer in need. Full of healing ingredients, who wouldn't want this on their Xmas list?" Athena Paginton, make-up artist and Dazed Beauty contributing beauty editor

"On my Christmas wish list, I chose my favourite lip gloss of all time: Juicy Tubes. This classic gloss comes in so many different tones and colours but my Juicy Tube colour of choice is clear. I love using clear gloss because I can put it over my favourite lip liner or lipstick to add that perfect shine. This thick gloss lasts with no touch-ups needed, perfect for the cold wintery weather." Kro Vargas, nail artist and Dazed Beauty columnist

"On my Christmas wish list is Black Pepper Eau de Parfum from Comme Des Garçons. It’s pretty much impossible for someone to assume what you’d like in terms of smell, so perfume is the ideal wish list item. Blackpepper is perfect if you don’t like sweet perfumes, it’s got a beautiful peppery heat to the scent whilst remaining clean and fresh with use of cedar wood." Sylvie Macmillan, nail artist and Dazed Beauty Community member

"For Christmas and New Yeaar I want LED eyelashes. They are definitely not what typical Asian boys would like a girl to wear on Christmas, but since no Asian boys like me (even though I want a boyfriend) I'm not going to dress for attracting boy. I just want to be pretty and shining to the max on Christmas!!!!" Yuyi John, artist and Dazed Beauty Community Member

"The beauty product on my wish list is the Kryolan loose white powder. I wear it every day and really gives a whiter than white ghostly finish to any makeup. It sets your makeup for the whole day and night too without looking cakey! No fixing spray needed. I feel like it’s an essential if you’re using white paint or very pale foundation as a base." Hatti Rees, Dazed Beauty Community member

"I’ve got my eye on Charlie Red body spray, currently 3 for 2 in Superdrug. I'm longing to recapture lost youth with the heady signature scent of a year 8 changing room." Harry Freegard, Dazed Beauty Community member

"I want climate change to end and the oceans to be cleaned from plastic and waste, this Christmas!" Dilara Findikoglu, fashion designer