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Portraits from the Alternative Miss World

We sent a photographer to artist Andrew Logan's famous drag pageant

When the artist Andrew Logan first put on the Alternative Miss World contest, it was held at his flat in London. The year was 1972, and the real Miss World pageant was in full bloom, but ripe to be mocked. Logan's lo-fi version invited outsiders and anti-beauty heroes to flaunt their takes on Miss World's daywear, swimwear and nightwear rounds, the evening becoming a radical exercise in undermining the narrow conceptions of beauty on show at the main event. 

Today, Miss World isn't quite so popular, but Logan's alternative still is. The 14th ever Alternative Miss World was held this weekend at Shakespeare's Globe – the first in four years – where fans of Logan's pageant came together under the dress code of 'psychedelic peace' to join in group meditations, to sing along to performances and to watch entrants of the pageant strut on stage while rated by celebrity judges including Duggie Fields, Zandra Rhodes, Grayson Perry and Jarvis Cocker. 

Below, photographer Amelia Karlsen photographs the guests' best looks.