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Courtesy @sophiahadjipanteli

Sophia Hadjipanteli is the unibrowed model leading a beauty revolution

Sophia Hadjipanteli is urging her followers to ditch the tweezers and allow their eyebrows to flourish with her social campaign #UnibrowMovement

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22-year-old Greek Cypriot American, Sophia Hadjipanteli has always had an eccentric style. From a young age she would walk into her high school classes wearing latex pants, neon colours and stilettos. Despite being bullied by her conservative classmates, Sophia was not deterred and continued to pursue her own authentic style.

Fast forward to today and Sophia is a model, sunglass designer (she has just dropped her first collection with Peter & May) and beauty activist. Harnessing her huge following on social media, Sophia is attempting to break down traditional beauty conventions by putting the tweezers down and letting her brows grow freely and fiercely. The result of which is a bold, jet black unibrow that sits strikingly above her blue eyes. “I choose to wear my eyebrows this way for the same reasons I styled myself in school - because the only preference that matters is my own,” she explains. “If my childhood taught me anything, it is that I love being different.”

Founder of the social media-based #UnibrowMovement, Sophia believes “it’s important to show that preferences and differences are not polarising, but rather unifying and ultimately meant to inspire. To be honest, I’m just out here like everyone else manifesting my own lane and riding my own wave.”

You’ve opted to be cryogenically frozen in hopes of continuing the human race. When you’re awoken, it’ll be your responsibility to kick-start the breeding. How will you wear your hair on your first date?
I would tie it up because that is my least favourite way to wear my hair. Sounds strange but it is all part of the series of mind games he shall endure. I don’t want my date to know what I like yet, not until the second date at least.

It’s the year 2100. You’re the owner of the largest beauty tech company in the world, what five products or treatments will you dedicate your resources trying to invent?
A lipstick that changes colour with your mood. My boyfriend will never again have to guess if I am actually “fine” when he thinks he has done something wrong. Hair growth stuff that actually works. That would have been a lifesaver for young impulsive me that would often cut my hair from bum length to a bob and instantly regretted it. Skincare products that use more Aloe Vera plant. When I was younger and had spots, I would break off a chunk of my yiayia’s (grandmother’s) Aloe plant in her garden in Cyprus and spread it on my skin. It is honestly one of the best things I use on my skin.  An eyeshadow palette that gives you the ingredients and steps to create your own eyeshadow colours. Why should people be restricted to the colours and formulas that people think will sell when they can just do it themselves? I would buy that (if it doesn’t already exist). A compact mirror that can also take pictures of you. Is it just me or do mirrors do a way better/more flattering job of showing how you look, than a camera?

You’ve had an accident which causes you to lose your sense of smell. The doctors can’t return it fully but can give you the ability to smell one scent. What do you pick and why?
My mom’s signature scent is the original Opium perfume by YSL. Growing up I remember my brother and I would always complain to my mama about how unbearably strong the scent was. I think even though it is not my favourite smell, it is definitely incredibly special and sentimental to me. If I had one scent left to smell, I don’t think I would crave anything more than the smell of my mom’s strong YSL Opium perfume that she wore every single day as I grew up. It is cool when scents remind you of people or instantly take you back to an exact moment in your life.

A friend once exclaimed that when he dies, he wants 'Weeping virgins carved from marble to be placed in a circle around his grave'. What would your ideal tombstone look like?
I think it is quite morbid to think of how our tombstones should look, but if we are going to take it there, I would have it plain black marble with my name carved on it alongside those of my enemies.