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Teenage Wolfpack: Jacey

In the last episode of Danielle Levitt's focus on teenagers in and around the Crimson Blood Wolf Pack, the turn has come to Hello Kitty fan Jacey

Danielle Levitt earlier this year spent a few days with this gang of teenage wolves, living in a suburb to San Antonio, Texas. Her imagery can be found in the current issue of Dazed & Confused, but here we offer you exclusive images and filmed interviews with a few of the members. This is Jacey's story, as told by Levitt herself:

"Jacey is not a wolf, and does not pretend to or want to be one. She is quite happy being the human favourite of Wolfie, the leader of the Crimson Blood Wolf pack. Only 13 years old, she has dropped out of school, lives at home with her parents, spending time caring for her grandmother. Jacey is petite and soft spoken, but very comfortable with the pack. Jacey's bedroom, a homage to the famous Japanese icon Hello Kitty and her Emo style was such a departure from the dark and heavy vibe of the Wolf pack. It was a surprise to see the two worlds connect."

The November issue of Dazed & Confused is out now. See the Wolfie film HERE and Tabby's interview HERE