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Teenage Wolfpack: Tabby

The second film in Danielle Levitt's interview series with members of the teenage Crimson Blood Wolf Pack from San Antonio in Texas

For the current issue of Dazed, photographer and filmmaker Danielle Levitt shot a gang of 'teen wolves, led by the 18-year-old Wolfie. Here Levitt tells the story (and show exclusive images) of how Wolfie's house burnt down and how she met Tabby, the interviewee of the second film in our Teenage Wolfpack series...

"I spent a day with Wolfie and the pack. They live in a quiet suburb in San Antonio, a small home in the perpetual process of a remodel. The kids from the pack are always staying there, it's their refuge. A place to free themselves of parental observation, a place of fun and of love. So I was really upset and surprised when, after a day of location scouting, we returned to her home to find six fire engines putting out a fire that destroyed her house.  All of the gang had gathered outside, while one member, Havoc, went to rescue the pet animals (dogs and a pet rat).

Luckily Havoc saved the animals. Because for Wolfie, a home could be rebuilt, but an animal's death was devastating. The trauma brought out all of the pack and the packs friends. That is when I met Tabby. She was comforting Wolfie's sister Jackie. Tabby had such a way about her, so shy and earnest. She was not officially part of the pack, but I could tell that Wolfie's approval was everything to her. When I asked her to be in the shoot she was so nervous and thanked me from her heart. Tabby had never considered herself pretty, this was a first for her."

The November issue of Dazed & Confused is out now, come back to Dazed Digital tomorrow for the last installment in Levitt's interview series