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Gary Card Exclusive Giveaway

As the longtime Dazed collaborator gives away one of his sculptures, we talk to him about fun memories and creative outlets

Five years ago, set designer Gary Card started a long and fruitful collaboration with Dazed & Confused. Now, many long shoot days and sleepless prep nights later, Card is an internationally recognised artist and celebrated for his work with restaurants and shops, as well as standalone exhibitions. In conjunction with the Dazed Digital Reactivation, Card kindly dug up an exclusive DD sculpture - the blue four-legged creature - and now, as sign of affection to our readers and Gary's fans, we're offering it to whoever can come up with a great name for it. Chosen by Gary Card and Dazed Digital's editorial team, the lucky winner will soon enough be flat mates with this lovely little creature!

Dazed Digital: When, with what and who, was the first time you worked with Dazed?
Gary Card: My first ever appearance for dazed was in 2005 i think, Missy Elliot was on the cover, I made a cute daisy inspired head piece for Celestine Cooney, (who was working for dazed at the time) the picture was tiny and you could hardly see the headpiece but I didn't mind, I was so delighted to see my name in Dazed, it was the start of my career. 

DD: Any particularly memorable Dazed moments you want to tell us about?
Gary Card: I've worked for Dazed for almost six years now so there are many stories of huge successes, massive disasters and hilarious freak outs. One that springs to mind is spending a week and a huge amount of Nicola Formichetti's money on an elaborate slay for a shoot with Matt Irwin, I remember being really excited about unveiling my masterpiece to the team. We got to the studio entrance only to be confronted by a tiny corridor and stairwell. We tried everything to manoeuvre the slay through the corridor but sadly we had to leave it outside. it became a bench for models to have fag breaks on for the rest of the day. I was gutted.

DD: How often do you check out Dazed Digital? 
Gary Card: I get an email update from Dazed Digital at least two times a week so I always pop over to see whats new.

DD: You're always colourful and seemingly happy, do you never just want to mope and wear black?
Gary Card: I hide my sadness under a veil of colour... anyone who knows me will tell you I'm a miserable bastard.  

DD: Have you always been into interior and product design? No other creative outlets?
Gary Card: I have loads of creative outlets, sculpture, painting, illustration. I also sing incessantly, it drives people mad.

DD: Which one of your creations are you the most proud of?
Gary Card: Probably the plastercine cave i made for an exhibition at spring studio's last year. I made a three metre long wooden structure and lined the interior with 3000 white plastercine faces, each individually sculpted by myself and four assistants over a week. It was the most intense undertaking I've ever taken on, and the most rewarding.

DD: Any future dream collaborations?
Gary Card: Too many to mention, I'm still waiting for that call from Steven Klein.

DD: Can you say something about the creation you have created for Dazed and is giving away to a lucky DD reader (in the UK)
Gary Card: Yes, it comes alive at night, creeps into your bed where is sticks his little hands into your ears and extracts your ideas, He then runs home and brings them back to me.

DD: What's next for Gary Card?
Gary Card: I've just taken on my first interior design commission from LN-CC, they've hired me to design their showrooms. That should be finished this time next month. I'm also working  with Loewe on a few ongoing projects and working on loads of exciting things for Christmas, I'm not allowed to say for who yet.

To be in with a chance to win Gary Card's exclusive Dazed Digital sculpture, email your name suggestion to before Friday 00.00am GMT 10th of september 2010