Videochat: send nudes. Olya Avstreyh and Jenya Milyukos
Art & PhotographySend/make nudes: How artists are reframing the tradition of the nude
Marina Abramović – WePresent Series (2021)
Art & PhotographyMarina Abramović is spotlighting the next generation of artists
Henry Taylor, “Portrait of my cousin GF: Dana Gallegos” 2020
Art & PhotographyHenry Taylor’s portraits capture celebrities and strangers with equal heart
Thomas J Price
Art & PhotographyHackney Council commissions two public artworks to commemorate Windrush
Gray Wielebinski
Dazed 100Gray Wielebinski
Art & PhotographyJeff Koons’ Rabbit just broke the record for a living artist
Cajsa Von Zeipel The Gossips
Art & PhotographyThese sci-fi sculptures predict how we will look and behave in 100 years
Urara Tsuchiya, Ceramics, shot by Ben Toms
Art & PhotographyUrara Tsuchiya is the ceramicist making hedonistic sex sculptures
Art & PhotographyZombie Boy sculpture to be displayed at the Science Museum
Christo and Jeanne-Claude: Urban Projects
Art & PhotographyHow Christo and Jeanne-Claude redefined the possibilities of public art
Art & PhotographyAnna Uddenberg’s sculptures re-think female identity in consumer culture
unhappy meal.v1
Art & PhotographyCleaners throw away an artist’s Happy Meal box sculpture
Takashi Murakami and Virgil Abloh
Art & PhotographyVirgil Abloh and Takashi Murakami’s new show is art for the future
Jeff Koons, Bouquet of Tulips (2016)
Arts+CultureParis artists are pissed off with this ‘gift’ from Jeff Koons
Donald Judd
MusicWho is the sculptor who ‘profoundly influenced’ Solange?
Cajsa von Zeipel’s Insulting The Archive
Arts+CultureThe artist sculpting her friends smoking, fucking & dancing
1 Super Titan Hello Kitty
Arts+CultureThe Alien-obsessed sculptor behind Miley’s pornicorn outfit
prada marfa 4
FashionHow a Prada store ended up in the middle of the Texas desert
Blood Mirror
Arts+CultureThis sculpture contains the blood of nine gay men
Geirthrudur Finnbogadottir HJORVAR
Arts+CultureThe artists you probably haven’t heard of
Anish Kapoor
Arts+CultureVersailles ‘vagina’ statue dividing opinion
Arcangel_Awkward-Smiles-Lakes, 2013
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