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Third World: The Bottom Dimension by Gabriel Massan
Third World: The Bottom Dimension © SerpentinePhotography Hugo Glendinning

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Offered exclusively to Dazed Club members, the Brazilian artist is teaming up with the Serpentine to bring you a multi-dimensional, digital experience like no other – here’s how you can attend

Have you ever wondered what it might be like to travel through an alien fantasy world? One that combines Sims-like gameplay with decolonial political theory? With Gabriel Massan’s current exhibition, you won’t have to wonder any more. Third World: The Bottom Dimension is a new interdisciplinary show that unites work from Massan and a band of Brazilian collaborators including LYZZA, Jota Mombaça, Ventura Profana, Castiel Vitorino Brasileiro and Novíssimo Edgar.

At the heart of the exhibition is a video game called Third World: The Bottom Dimension, a single-player PC game and produced by Serpentine Arts Technologies. The game “explores Black Brazilian experience as it intersects with the ramifications of colonialism” by using worldbuilding and storytelling techniques. Taking place across two in-game levels, Third World aims to challenge our understanding of the planet and the discourses, stories and histories it simulates.

The gameplay section of the exhibition consists of two separate rooms. First there’s ‘The Play Room’ where attendees can play the game surrounded by real-life sculptures from its opening sequence, then there’s ‘The Broadcast Room’, where you can observe others playing the game, mirroring a Twitch-style viewing experience. While there, you’ll also hear original compositions from LYZZA, who acts as sound designer for the game.

But the game isn’t the only part of the exhibition. Elsewhere you’ll find a number of works from Massan and their collaborators, including archival photos from Profana, hand-cast cement sculptures from Edgar and willow-trunk structures from Brasileiro. The multi-sensory, inter-dimensional exhibition is unlike any other show out there, and is being offered exclusively to Dazed Club members.

Gabriel Massan & Collaborators: Third World: The Bottom Dimension is at Serpentine North, West Carriage Drive, London W2 2AR, until October 22.

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