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Photography by Dave Schubert.

In Memorium: Dash Snow

We remember the New York artist known for his haunting and hedonistic work.

Dash Snow was a mythical character while he lived and will remain one after his tragic death. His art taunted and flaunted, prodded hypocrisy and pushed hedonism. Looking at his collages, installations, films and photos what comes across – what always came across - is his sheer talent. He wasn’t just a media story, a punk aristocrat gone wild on the streets of the Lower East Side. From the haunting innocence of his last film at Peres Projects Berlin to the shocking beauty of his early Polaroids, From his tabloid come covered tabloid collages to graff tags with Irak. Dash Snow was an intensely talented artist. He was only 27. Our hearts go out to his girlfriend, baby, Agathe, Javier and everyone who knew and admired him.