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Daniel Arsham
What appears to be BTS footage of a new film shoot from the artist Daniel Arsham has surfaced onlinevia

Details from Daniel Arsham’s next project have leaked online

And it looks like it could be a new film

Last week, a blue telephone booth turned up in New York at Kith’s lower east side store with nothing but a +1 number to provide some semblance of an explanation. 

The number, we found out, leads to artist Daniel Arsham’s own phone and reveals recorded calls to his mother about what is presumably an upcoming project. The first message requests her to tell him everything she remembers about a hurricane in 1992 and the latest asks for a second opinion on a shoot he’s just wrapped.

Revealed as a partnership between Arsham and adidas Originals, the artist mused on why he uses mystery in his work: “It’s really fun for me to see how people interpret certain things that we’re putting out.” So far, the phone number has caught the attention of his fans as well as rapper A$AP Lou and actor Duane Mclaughlin to artist Ryan Hawaii and poet and photographer Caleb Femi, who have been sharing their thoughts via the hashtag #calldaniel.

Alongside the phone booth, a Tumblr-esque page has popped up at with clips of the phone calls, screenshots of articles talking about the phone booth, and stills from what looks like a film shoot. Which, if true, could see fan frenzy hit fever pitch. By piecing together clues that the artist unintentionally revealed in his Instagram posts, Arsham’s followers have been known to identify the future relics from his Future Relic film series before they’re even announced.

What has been revealed, is that by dialing +1 855 923 4327 callers have a randomised chance at being entered into the draw to win one of 50 relics created especially for the collaboration.

As we wait for an official announcement from Arsham or adidas Originals, we’d suggest hitting refresh on this page and adding Arsham’s number to your speed dial.