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Chiron Moonlight
Chiron in Best Picture winner “Moonlight”Courtesy of A24

People want a new colour named after Moonlight’s Chiron

Director Barry Jenkins is in support of a campaign for it to be named after the character

Crayola has come up with a brand new shade of blue, the first new blue pigment created in the past 200 years. It was a happy accident when scientists at Oregon State University set out to study the electronic properties of manganese oxide. The result of their experiments yielded the discovery of a new blue.

“Our work had nothing to do with looking for a pigment,” lead chemist Mas Subramanian told The Creators Project. “Then one day a graduate student who is working on the project was taking samples out of a very hot furnace while I was walking by, and it was blue, a very beautiful blue,” he said. “I realized immediately that something amazing had happened.”

It’s been temporarily dubbed “YInMn” because of its makeup of the elements Yttrium, Indium and Manganese. Crayola, makers of Childhood®, have decided it will be the latest entry to their 24-box crayon set. But first, they need a name. Crayola has put out a call for the colour’s new name to be chosen by the public. It will replace the retiring Dandelion crayon, leaving the box after 27 years.

While the overwhelming favourite so far (after a cursory glance at the Instagram comments) is “Covfefe”, after the rogue, late night Donald Trump tweet, others are campaigning for the name to be “Chiron” – after the main character in 2017 Best Picture winner Moonlight. In the film, he struggles with his sexuality after falling in love with his childhood friend.

Barry Jenkins, the director of Moonlight, is backing the name for the crayon as well. He’s been retweeting suggestions of “Chiron” from his Twitter account, including one tweet from Moonlight co-writer Tarell Octavian. Chiron comes from Greek mythology; he was the “wisest and justest” of all centaurs, teacher to Achilles and Jason, amongst others.

Despite being a gorgeous name in itself, its suggestion links back to the film’s name (moonlight blue) and is pretty darn close to the shade of blue on the film’s poster.

Your chance to name the new blue ends tomorrow, June 2. The name will be unveiled later this year.