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Twin Peaks

Watch old and new characters unite in new Twin Peaks teaser

David Lynch, Kyle MacLachlan, the late Miguel Ferrer and more make an appearance in the mysterious trailer

With just 10 days to go until the show revival, another trailer for the formidable Twin Peaks has landed, featuring both classic and new characters. Though to no one’s surprise, it’s frustratingly cryptic, and features no more than 11 spoken words. Major plot reveals? Forget about it.

The clip features a lot of familiar faces: Dale Cooper, receptionist Lucy Moran, Shelly Johnson, Deputy Andy Brennan, Agent Albert Rosenfield (played by the late Miguel Ferrer) and Agent Gordon Cole, a small but treasured part taken on by David Lynch. Some info from TV network Showtime revealed that Lynch’s donut-eating, deaf FBI agent would have a much more prominent role this time around.

There’s also a slew of new characters in the teaser: played by Jessica Szohr, Melissa Bailey, Gia Carides and Nicole LaLiberte.

Speculation has been mounting that Laura Dern is set to play the mysterious Diane – the ‘Diane, get a load of this’ Diane that Dale Cooper always talks to on his tapes. 

Another recent visual highlighted some of the town’s most important old haunts featured in the original show – the Double R Diner, the Black Lodge and the Sherriff’s office, while another gave us some glimpses at its biggest characters.

Elsewhere on Dazed, we’ve been unpacking the visual aesthetics of Lynch and co-creator Mark Frost’s iconic show and its everlasting impact of TV.

So while you wait for the two-hour premiere of the 18-part reboot, overanalyse the few seconds where David Lynch shouts ‘Albert’ in the trailer below.