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Welcome To Twin Peaks Sign

The iconic locations of Twin Peaks are back in a new teaser

David Lynch promises to revisit many of the places made sacred in the original series

The Black Lodge. The Red Room. The sherriff’s department. The diner. All of the iconic locations from the OG Twin Peaks are back in a new teaser for the show’s upcoming relaunch. We’re in the final stretch before David Lynch brings his vision back to the small screen May 21, and this pulsating new teaser has confirmed many of the locations used in the original series will factor into the 18-episode revival in a big way.

A few timely updates have been made, such as the signage of the RR Cafe being replaced with RR2Go! accompanied by an arrow, suggesting a drive-thru window. Even the tiny town of Twin Peaks isn’t immune from globalization.

Kyle MacLachlan, who plays Agent Dale Cooper, told us what we can expect from the series’ reboot in the new issue of Dazed. “There are a lot of things that happened in the world that I can’t talk about, that are going to be different. When you see it you’ll have a better grasp. I’m interested to see how people will respond.”

He also spoke about returning to play his beloved character. “It was crazy being Cooper again, and getting to revisit this character. Going to work with people you really like is a great thing. There were long hours and it was hard work but I just didn’t care. I’d get in and see David first thing in the morning and we’d have a handshake and say, ‘This is going to be a great day.’”

Watch the teaser below:

Twin Peaks returns May 21 on Sky Atlantic