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Harry Dean Stanton
Harry Dean StantonCourtesy of Showtime

This new Twin Peaks teaser is the best one yet


Just over one week remains until the launch of David Lynch’s new series of Twin Peaks. New fans will be swept up in its amaranthine mysteries; old fans will return to their favourite characters, ready for a new dose of eerie enigmas waiting to be dissected.

Another teaser has crash landed upon us, and it’s the most exciting teaser to date. It takes a look at Big Ed, Sarah Palmer, Deputy Hawk, Agent Cooper and others 25 years later. All have aged gracefully. Last week, we were shown heart-pounding glimpses of the town’s most familiar haunts, such as the Double R Diner, the Black Lodge and the Sherriff’s office. Neither tell us a whole lot, but Lynch is likely behind the scant rollout designed to keep us on edge.

Lynch recently went on record to talk about how, at the height of Twin Peaks in the 90s, he would read through fan theories. “One day I went into the studio where we were shooting and they showed me this stack of papers that was from the internet, this brand new kind of thing. There were no pictures, there was just typing,” he said. “And the papers they showed me, it was just people talking about the show. People talking, thinking, sharing ideas, being like detectives, seeing what they make of certain things, trying to figure things out and to share ideas. It was a beautiful thing.”

Did any of them inform how this new series will unfold? We’ll have to wait and see. Watch the new teaser below:

Twin Peaks returns May 21 on Sky Atlantic