Ex-Studio Ghibli director shares trailer for debut film

Mary and The Witch’s Flower promises to preserve the magical world of the iconic animation house

Studio Ponoc, made up of Studio Ghibli alumni following the supposed retirement of founder Hayao Miyazaki, has revealed the full trailer for Mary and The Witch’s Flower ahead of its premiere in Japan this summer. 

Based on a 1971 children’s book by Mary Stewart, entitled The Little Broomstick, fans can note the continued theme of the supernatural, Spirited Away-esque villains and a healthy dose of unsettlingly personified animals.

As expected, the animation is as colourful as it is beautiful, with a characteristic focus on subtle movement through our titular character’s constantly shifting hair and clothes. Beyond the aesthetics, composer Takatsugu Muramatsu provides a climactic score to match the self-professed tale of “mistakes, destiny and courage.” The clip comes four months after the release of another, shorter teaser.

Watch above for a subtitled taster.