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FEMEN protestor donald trump
via @FEMEN_Movement / Twitter

Topless Femen protestor attacks Donald Trump waxwork

‘We didn't grab Trump as a persona, but rather the culture and the message he represents’

A topless Femen activist has attacked a lifesize Donald Trump statue during a waxwork unveiling ceremony in Madrid. 

The woman, who is yet to be identified, stormed past security while screaming “grab the patriarchy by the balls” to the surrounding press. She then proceeded to grab the Trump waxwork (patriarchy) by the testicles (balls). 

According to reports, the museum staff spent several minutes trying to restrain the protestor before taking her out through a back door. Gonzalo Presa, head of communications at the museum, called the incident “unpleasant.”

“If they want to do this they should do it directly to him,” he said. “This is too easy.”

Femen have since claimed responsibility for the act, explaining that it was done in retaliation to Trump’s notorious boasts about grabbing women “by the pussy.” In a statement to Dazed, the feminist group's founder, Inna Shevchenko, revealed that the incident was a way of women “grabbing back”. 

“His inauguration as president of US, as well as the popularity of his persona in general, alarm us, feminists, about a revival of patriarchal culture and hate in the society,” a spokesperson explained. “Ironically grabbing the Trump waxwork, we didn't grab Trump as a persona, but rather the culture and the message he represents.”

“All he is is hate, divisions, discrimination of minorities, inequality of social groups and inequality of sexes,” Shevchenko continued. “All he represents and all he is for us, is a target! He is a target for our feminist fight, for our provocative and loud protest. We ridiculed him today, we will keep doing it tomorrow.”