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Mimi Wade Samantha Payne Mushpit Throwing Shade
Mimi Wade, Samantha Payne, Charlotte Roberts and Bertie Brandes, and Throwing Shade

We’re launching a week-long series with inspirational women

From building bionic limbs to publishing satirical fashion mags, we team up with Barbie to get the lowdown on five agenda-setting girls

We’re in the midst of fourth wave feminism and in the West, it’s never been a better time for girls to achieve what they want. Let’s be honest: while most of 2016 has been a bit of a shambles, women are killing it this year – whether that’s in terms of activism and protest, creating their own publications and clothing brands, or challenging the boys’ club that still exists in many areas of our lives.

It’s not only IRL women who are coming into their own – this year, iconic doll Barbie underwent a transformation, debuting three new body types and seven skin tones, as well as 24 new hairstyles. Her diverse updated look made worldwide news, and even snagged her the cover of Time magazine, reminding the world of her power as a role model. After all, she’d been an astronaut, President, doctor and racing driver years ahead of her time.

This week, we’re teaming up with Barbie for Girls Like Us, shining a spotlight on the women who grew up with the doll and who have gone on to challenge the status quo in a way that they see fit. There’s satirical fashion magazine Mushpit’s quest to provide women with a publication that truly represents their interests, producer and DJ Throwing Shade’s agenda to eliminate unhealthy competitiveness amongst women, and designer Mimi Wade, who’s made a mini outfit for Barbie in her signature style of saccharine but strong femininity.

While women may be leading the way in many industries, it’s important to recognise where work still needs to be done. We’ll be talking to technology company co-founder Samantha Payne about the importance of encouraging more women into science and how to break down gender disparity in a male-dominated world.

We’ll not only be discussing what inspired these women to go their own way, but highlighting others to watch within their fields, sharing advice among female businesswomen and exploring what makes each of the women tick. Stay tuned, and watch a teaser for the week ahead in the film by Mollie Mills below: