Watch the mesmerising trailer for Werner Herzog’s new doc

Into The Inferno sees the legendary director explore the ‘engulfing doom’ of volcanoes

Werner Herzog has returned with his latest documentary – and this time, he’s taking on the world’s most terrifying natural phenomenon. Into The Inferno, which is premiering on Netflix on October 28, sees the legendary German director come face-to-face with the explosive, “engulfing doom” of active volcanoes.

Herzog teamed up with volcanologist Clive Oppenheimer for the film, and the pair travelled to sites in Antartica, Indonesia, North Korea, Iceland, and Ethiopia. According to the official plot synopsis, the goal was “to understand man's relationship with one of nature's most violent wonders”.

“It is hard to take your eyes off the fire that burns deep under our feet,” Herzog narrates over the minute-long clip. “Obviously there was a scientific side to our journey, but what we were really chasing was the magical side, no matter how strange things might eventually get. It is a fire that wants to burst forth, and it could not care less about what we are doing up here.” 

Into The Inferno is not the director’s first foray into the world of volcanoes. His 1977 documentary La Soufrière looked at an active eruption threat in Guadeloupe, while his latest fictional film, Salt and Fire, follows the story of a supervolcano.

Watch the trailer in full above.