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Streetwise: Tiny Revisited
Streetwise: Tiny Revisited was published by Aperture in 2015, a follow up to Mary Ellen Mark’s controversial yet acclaimed 1988 book, StreetwiseAperture

The best book/zine stores in New York

From photography to fashion, fetish to sci-fi, mags and fanzines – seek out these NY-based stores, spaces and galleries to stock up on weekend reading

Anyone who has ever been to New York after seeing it immortalised on screens, in books and photos for their whole life will realise one thing when they finally make their pilgrimage there... it’s absolutely huge. While not everything is just a quick hop, skip or cheap Uber away – there’s a helluva lotta city to navigate – that’s kind of the fun of it.

This weekend, the world’s biggest online fashion retailer,, are encouraging New Yorkers to seek out the best spots the city has to offer. Because there’s something really romantic about perusing books that were inspired by or shot in the city that you’re literally standing in, we’ve pulled together a cheat sheet of some of the places to do just that in NYC.


If you’re lucky you’ll find yourself trawling through the shelves at Dashwood all day. Particularly pleasing when you have the likes of David Strettell (Dashwood founder and owner) on hand to take you through new releases or some of the lesser-known titles. Keep an eye out for their rich oeuvre of photography books from global names such as Japan’s Daisuke Yokota, China’s Ren Hang or South Africa’s Pieter Hugo, whose most recent collab was with NYC’s Hood By Air’s archive.


Opened with the intentions of creating a meeting place for artists, OBJECT_IFY 139 is a calming white-bricked space in the city’s Lower East Side. They stock a huge range of magazines as well as art books. Go for the hand candles (with wicks on the finger tips) but stay to peruse Toilet PaperMARFA Journal and, of course, Dazed.


While putting together this list, I sought the advice of three New Yorkers, all of them agreed that MAST is a must-see if you’re looking for some of the finest 20th/21st century art, fashion, design or photography books ever made – whether used, new and rare.


Whether it’s picking up a copy of their own eponymous mag (or back issues of it), browsing some of the incredible books on offer (current fave: George Dureau’s The Photographs, published in June) or looking through their exhibition space (on now: Aperture On Sight: Teaching Visual Literacy through Photography), I always visit Aperture when I’m in NYC... even if it’s just to ride up and down in their building’s antique elevator... seriously.


If sci-fi, mystery/noir, erotica and/or martial arts are your thing, Brooklyn’s Book Thug Nation is your place. A culmination of four different book street vendors finally coming together under one roof, not only is the store delightfully named, but BTN also hosts regular events, including film screenings, readings, and lectures.


Often home to the most beautiful and thoughtful art and fashion titles, I’d say go straight for the photography books where the work of NY names like Ari Marcopolos and Andy Warhol are immortalised between hardback covers.


Okay, so basically you have just today, tomorrow and Sunday to go to Printed Matter because it’s closing for two weeks in August, as of Monday. However, it deserves a mention here – because obviously, this will be one of those features you come back to... obviously. PM is stacked with out-of-print books (and in print books), editions, zines, ephemera and also hosts events.

This weekend – the largest fashion inventory online – are encouraging New Yorkers to go and SEEK out what they love about their city. Teaming up with artists like Baron Von Fancy, Grace Miceli of Art Baby Gallery, @drakeoncake’s Joy Wilson, artist Edward Granger, brand PINTRILL, designer Elizabeth Ilsey,’s Sophia Li, Taste The Style’s Cyndi Ramirez, The Coveteur’s Laurel Pantin, and Marie Claire’s Nicolette Mason for a full day of events on Sunday 31 July – more info here