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Amandla Stenberg
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Amandla Stenberg defends millennials and online activism

“Our generation is more than just a hashtag”, they wrote in an empowering op-ed for Teen Vogue

Amandla Stenberg has spoken out in a new op-ed, published in Teen Vogue, celebrating youth activism on the internet and beyond.

The actor, activist, writer and all-round teen hero began by shutting down the tired generalisations and stereotypes that surround millenials and Gen Z-ers. She explains how this generation is constantly criticized for a want of “instant gratification”, obsessed with our smartphones and with tunnel vision purely for Snapchat stories and Instagram likes. Stenberg however, writes about how youth activism online has prospered with positive results.

Stenberg specifically zones in on one of her main causes, child hunger. The 17-year-old talks about working with No Kid Hungry to eradicate the fact that one in five kids in the U.S. can’t safely count on their next meal. They detail that technology at the hands of the younger generations leads them to make quicker connections, get globally reaching results and bring serious issues to the forefront with the “megaphone” of a platform. Rather than a vessel for egos, the internet is a force used for the greater good here.

“Our generation is more than just a hashtag. We are the next generation of hunger leaders and advocates, taking a stand and not allowing our peers and families to go hungry,” they wrote. “We are no different from any committed movement of passionate people who see a brighter future for generations to come. We just happen to talk about it in 140 characters or less. I’m encouraged to see my friends and peers use their online power for the better. They inspire me to stand up for all I care about.”

Read their inspiring piece in its entirety here.