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An AR-15 firearmvia Google

Gun store raffles rifle to raise funds for Orlando victims

The AR-15 firearm is reportedly a similar model to the one used in the June 12 massacre

A Chicago gun shop is raising funds for the victim’s of last month’s horrific Orlando shooting by raffling off a semi-automatic assault rifle.

The military-style AR-15 firearm – which is one of the shop’s most popular products – is reportedly a similar model to the one used in the June 12 massacre. Despite that, the Second Amendment Store in McHenry hopes to raffle off the deadly item for $5 a ticket, with all donations going to One Orlando Fund

The store’s owners, Bert Irslinger Jr and his father Bert Sr, are also hoping to donate an extra $2,000 on top of the money raised from the raffle.

“People who are more for the second amendment are very much behind it and requesting tickets,” Marketing director Vic Santi told The Guardian, before admitting that people “definitely” had concerns over the choice of firearm. 

“If people don’t like what we’re doing, buy a ticket, win the firearm, we’ll gladly destroy it in public for you,” Santi added. 

The attack, which saw 49 LGBT people lose their lives while out at Orlando’s Pulse nightclub, is widely considered one of the deadliest mass shootings in US history. Despite many campaigns (and the president himself) calling for tighter gun control amendments in the wake of the tragedy, though, the US Senate has so far refused to comply.

“This country is rising up to demand stronger, safer gun laws,” said Democrat senator Chris Murphy last month. “I don’t think democracy allows for this Congress to be so out of step with the American public for very long.”

The winner of the raffle will apparently be announced on 31 July.