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#CatsAgainstBrexit #Nishi worries that building a wall between us and the EU will block her sunbeam.via Twitter (@sparrk)

Internet cats unite with pro-Europe front #CatsAgainstBrexit

The hashtag has stirred up a previously ignored demographic right before the EU referendum

We’re edging ever closer to the EU referendum this Thursday, and the din of voices from both the remain and leave corners grows louder. Have you heard enough from Corbyn, Cameron and Boris? Your mates who won’t stop chatting shit about their now precarious Berlin plans? Yeah, now it’s time to let the cats have their say.

And the majority of felines seem to be in agreement, forming their own coalition #CatsAgainstBrexit. The hashtag spread quickly through Twitter as British cats voiced their thoughtful opinions on open door policies and importing regulations.

A splinter group in the form of #Mutts4Remain has also gathered speed, and the animals have created an unlikely alliance. On the other side is #CatsForBrexit, for the kitties who loathe the rampant geopolitical bureaucracy of the European union.

Whatever way you vote this Thursday – and please, please make use of your vote in what is one of the biggest political decisions of our generation – be sure to listen to the arguments with the most fact-based, well thought out evidence. Even if it’s from someone who pisses behind the sofa just to fuck with you.