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The places you’ll most likely get beaten up for coke deals

Global Drug Survey analysed the most violent hotspots for people picking up

You might be pretty sensible most of the time. Meeting Jay Green in an alleyway round the back of Co-Op at 3am to awkwardly fist bump for a baggie of coke might be the only moment of true thrill in your life, sandwiched between a bleary 9-5 and sedated GOT binges. Depending on where you are though, this thrill could be more of a serious risk, as Global Drug Survey found out.

Although we’re hardly up there with Pablo Escobar’s Colombia or Brazil’s ‘drive-thru’ dealing world, findings in a survey by GDS have shown that 5.6 per cent of respondents who were cocaine users had encountered some kind of violence during a drug deal.

Violence surrounding such dealings is more prevalent in countries like Mexico (22.2 per cent), Brazil (33.1 per cent) and Colombia (21.2), where civil unrest linked to drug cartels is pretty much waging constantly. In a report last year, PBS found that 55 percent of Mexico's murders could be linked to cartels. 

The global rate for violent encounters is 6.4 per cent, so the UK’s trailing just behind. To compare with other dealings, 95.8 per cent of all respondents who were cannabis users had never been exposing to violence when picking up. 3.8 per cent stated that they had been exposed to violence in the last year when attempting to buy MDMA, showing a smaller proportion of those buying MDMA are placing themselves in risky situations.

Recent data from the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction found that users in London had significantly increased their usage of the Class A drug. The results of sample wastewater concluded that the average daily concentration of cocaine was 909mg per 1,000 people in 2015. A huge increase from 737mg last year. When looking just at the weekend samples, London escalated to 1043.7mg, because the capital city loves a heavy weekend sesh.

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