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Your guide to the transphobic garlic bread meme

An online community of garlic bread-lovers was torn apart on Sunday, when one fan took the love too far

To many, garlic bread is life. The buttery baked good is so popular that it’s managed to inspire a global following; spawning Facebook fan pages, Instagram accounts, and an unknowable amount of #relatable Twitter jokes. It’s also – somewhat inevitably – become a meme, with thousands of people bonding over its undisputed deliciousness.

See below:

Unfortunately, like everything in this life, this love was destined for disaster – and in what may be the most profoundly upsetting moment of 2016, an online garlic bread community was torn apart after one meme took the love too far. 

The meme in question, posted on June 6, shows just two slices of bread along with the caption: “If I had a slice of garlic bread for every gender”. It implies that, despite the rise in genderfluidity and trans visibility, human beings can only be born as either male or female. “I honestly think there are two genders,” the poster explained, nonchalantly. “Trans people are not a gender – they are people who move from gender A to gender B.”

Outrage quickly ensued. “Man fuck you garlic bread memes,” replied one user. “I thought this was the only facebook meme page without 4chan immaturity... I was clearly mistaken.”

As the post began to spread across Facebook, more extreme reactions flooded in. “I've never been disappointed in garlic bread before,” bemoaned one fan. “I sexually identify as garlic bread,” added another. Others began to ridicule trans-identifying or liberal individuals who had been so “butthurt” over the image, with their numbers significantly outweighing the offended. 

The meme has since gone viral, with many critics still pondering over the significance of the drama. Could this feud actually be the perfect metaphor for our digital age? Is this actual reality? Will we all one day destroy each other in the comments section of a terribly-made meme? The future, at this stage, is uncertain.

“People are getting upset that pretty much the least serious thing in existence posted a meme about there only being two genders,” cried one poster. “At this point whether meant seriously or not the statement itself may as well be a meme. You guys really need to sort out your fucking priorities and stop being pathetic.”