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Girls Unawares
Courtesy Girls Unawares

Get this Tumblr to make you totally surreal nudes

Send your account to Girls Unawares to get your own colourful (and kind of creepy) nude

Girls Unawares’ twisted Tumblr is not your standard art account. Packed full of neon dicks, vagina pies and tits with tentacles, the German artist’s portraits are a surreal new take on the dingy world of Internet erotica; offering uncanny “deconstructions” of the way we see our bodies.

The anonymous artist, who lives and works in Hamburg, has apparently been creating “sexualised portraits for the Tumblr generation” since 2012. His latest project, though, takes it to a new level – offering other Tumblr users the chance to have one made for themselves. “I have an endless list of requests and it grows every day,” he says over email, before stressing that the growing popularity isn’t offputting. “For the next couple of years I can easily imagine going on with these portraits.”

Interested? All you have to do is send over your Tumblr account (no nudes are necessary), and the artist will form his own creepy yet colourful nude depiction of you. “I want us to get a normal feeling about our genitals,” he explains. “I want us to forget about how religion and media sees our body and our sexuality. Our bodies and genitals are fat, different, perfect, sweaty, muscular, similar – maybe even the wrong we’re born with! It’s no one elses business instead of us and the person who likes it.”

Get your own by visiting Girls Unawares’ official account here.