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via EA Games

The Sims is now totally gender fluid

The game has lifted all gender restrictions, making for more realistic character customization

The Sims will now be introducing gender fluid options into the game, for more flexible and realistic characters. 

The update, which is available now, is being offered to every gameplayer for free; with over 700 pieces of new clothing, hair and voice options to share between your characters. 

This is nothing new for the EA game, which has always been one step ahead of society’s standards and laws. The virtual simulator has been including same-sex relationships since its debut in 2000, eventually allowing same-sex couples to adopt and recognise each other as either ‘husband’ and ‘husband’ or ‘wife’ and ‘wife’.

“The update gives players more ways to reflect the world around them, or in their imaginations, creating the sims and the stories they want,” lead producer Lyndsay Pearson told The Verge yesterday (June 2). “We’re always looking for new ways to push creative boundaries for our players, and these tools grow over time, just like the game itself.”