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These new emojis will out-penis the eggplant

Unicode announces more phallic food symbols because let’s be honest, the aubergine is very generous in size

Move over aubergine, there’s some new penis-like emojis on the way and they are much more realistic in proportion.

The aubergine has long been a staple of the sexting world. It’s (over)use made it the obvious choice for PornHub’s Emoji4Porn ‘Big Dick’ category, led to an Instagram hashtag ban (presumably for all the unsolicited dickery that would inevitably follow), and even ushered in a new craze of real life veg perversion.   

Now we’re being treated to 72 new emoji’s by the good people at The Unicode Consortium, and alongside other long-awaited symbols like bacon, avocado, and a selfie symbol, we will finally have other ways to express our phallic desires.

The new emojis are scheduled for release on June 21 and the new designs will be included in the Unicode 9.0 update. You will then be able to take your pick of a cucumber, the humble pickle, a curly little croissant or an even more impressive baguette.

For the more sensitive conversationalists out there, there is also a new handshake/holding hands symbol so you can now adequately express your unity and commitment without the smut.