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Yayoi Kusama with Infinity Mirrored Room, 1965
Yayoi Kusama with Infinity Mirrored Room, 1965via David Zwirner Gallery

Yayoi Kusama wants to make your bedroom her next art project

The artist will reportedly be turning one Londoner’s room into an immersive installation piece

Is your room in need of a spruce-up? Are you feeling suppressed by those mouldy magnolia walls? If so, you may now be in luck. Yayoi Kusama (aka, one of the most iconic artists of all time) has announced her latest ‘living’ project – and your bedroom could be the canvas for it.

Kusama has reportedly teamed up with the Tate Modern and Airbnb for a special one-off contest, which will see the artist turn one Londoner’s room into a special immersive installation. No details yet on what the visionary is thinking for the winning space – though given her history with polka dots, mirrors and snails, the finished product is anyone’s guess.

Currently, the competition is open only to hosts who have a bedroom or flat on Airbnb. If that’s you, you have until tomorrow (May 10) to come up with a solid, 300-word reason on why your space should be chosen. The winner will also get the chance to attend the opening of the Tate Modern’s extension building on June 16.

Think you’re in with a chance? Then apply now (quickly) on the Tate website.