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slender man

A Slender Man movie is officially on the way

A film on the Internet’s creepiest meme is now in development

Horrible news! Slender Man – AKA the world’s most murderous meme – is officially getting its own film adaptation. 

According to reports, rights to the internet-grown mystery have been obtained by production companies Screen Gems and Mythology Entertainment, with the film currently set for a 2017 release.

Slender Man, who is known for his long limbs and featureless face, has already become one of the most well-known urban legends of the 21st century. After being ‘invented’ by Eric Knudsen in 2009, the creepy creation has now become associated with a variety of horrible things – including death, abduction, and disappearing children. The character’s sinister influence has even crept into real life, with two 12-year-old girls committing a murder in 2014 after the Slender Man “encouraged” them to do it.

Currently, the film has no actors attached – but David Birke, the writer behind 13 Sins and Paul Verhoeven’s upcoming Elle, is on board as the movie’s main scribe. 

Production is set to start in autumn of this year.