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Mollie Mill’s "Vogue, Detroit"
From Mollie Mills’ "Vogue, Detroit"

Keep an eye on London’s agenda-setting filmmakers

Whether training their lens on local community stories or international scenes, these are some of the most exciting visionaries coming out of the capital right now

You’ve been missing out if you haven't yet realised that some of the most exciting film work is flowing out of the capital right now – rivalling the US’s Hollywood monopoly on moving image in the fields of short film, documentary and music videos. Whether it’s unravelling the narrative of their own communities or international scenes, stars and stories, an emerging and local crop of filmmakers are proving to be a force to be reckoned with. Determined, thought-provoking and boundary-pushing, here we celebrate five of the most exciting visionaries flying our flag.


Cieron Magat’s Get Lost! was a film that premiered on Dazed last year and saw bastions of London’s multi-dimensional subcultures, like Skinny Girl Diet, Novelist and the Square crew, careering around the capital. Tracing talent through the ever-changing 32 boroughs that make up London, Magat’s visual ode to the city still has us reeling a year on. Since, he's directed Kelela’s floral-friendly music video for “interlude” as well as Darkstar’s “Stoke on Fire” and we've loved every minute.


Earlier this year we screened Vogue, Detroit, a film by Mollie Mills that lifted the lid on a fierce subculture offering a sanctuary for queer people in one of America’s most dangerous cities. In its 10mins43seconds, minds were blown, hearts were filled, tears were shed and we can’t wait to see what Mills serves up next. Self-described as ’celebrating youth culture globally’, her Instagram is full of tasters from her travels and of what’s to come.


Dexter Navy is a name synonymous with London’s emerging filmmaking scene. With close ties to A$AP Rocky, he's currently best known as the visionary behind the award-nominated “L$D”, as well as the more recent, and much darker, “JD”. Last month, he turned his lens on Jamie Isaac and Rejjie Snow (with a cameo from King Krule) as they hit the dog tracks for the – in Navy’s signature and much-loved style – hazy music video for “Last Drip”. So while the globe-trotter self-describes himself as ‘director/photographer until i find a real job’ we think it’s working out for him (and anyone watching) pretty OK.


In 2014, Lucy Luscombe captured two homegrown kings, Dev Hynes and Skepta for Blood Orange’s music video “High Street” and her career has been on the ascent since with films that focus on different locations around the UK like Dalston, Huddersfield, and Southend, such as “The Days Burn Blue”.


The mind behind Dazed 100’er Mabel’s stunning black and white music video for “My Boy My Town” – a tune that harks back to R&Bs golden days, Bafic balances filmmaking with photography and art, and has previously shot Evian Christ and Madlib for Dazed.


At 22, Jade Jackman’s determination is infectious. Whether she’s writing (ideally for Dazed), at the forefront of a Sisters Uncut protest, or working as a filmmaker. Last year she screened Exploiting It? at the BFI – a ‘look at the fetishisation of Muslim women in the mainstream media – to much acclaim, and if the whispers we’re hearing are true then there’s a lot more to come from her.

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