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Milo Moiré artist cologne
via Instagram, photography Peter Palm

Artist poses nude to protest Cologne attacks

Milo Moiré held a sign which read: ‘Respect Us! We are not fair game even when naked!!!’

The Cologne attacks have been a pretty petrifying part of the news this month. With women’s freedom suddenly under threat by groups of unidentified (and unconvicted) men, many are concerned over the future of feminism. Likewise, there are also worries over the social divisions the case could potentially cause. Were these sexual assaults down to a major clash of cultures? Or were they just a select group of rank opportunists?

So far, authorities have been split over how to deal with the problem. One artist, though, is determined to let her thoughts be heard. Taking to the Cologne cathedral on Friday, Milo Moiré staged a naked protest, deploring the lack of action that had been taken by German police so far.

“I have a zero tolerance,” the Swiss artist declared in a statement. “Women should maintain their attitude and not be intimidated and stand up for their freedom. And on the other hand, it is the job of politicians to take action now, so that does not happen again. Thus women continue to live in freedom.”

Moiré is no stranger to the nude protest, or to controversy – and much of her work has dealt with the female body up to this point. This includes one performance at Art Cologne 2014, which saw her squeeze a selection of paint-filled eggs out of her vagina. 

“I felt concerned immediately,” she said of the attacks. “It was my first explicitly political statement. I am a human, I am a woman, I am an artist, I am a psychologist, I am a European citizen. I want to preserve the values and fight to ensure that they are preserved, we can not take a step backwards.”

We have contacted Moiré for further comment.