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Chelsea Manning
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Chelsea Manning slams Caitlyn Jenner for selling out

The former soldier accused Jenner of being a ‘grinch’ who ‘stole and sold out the trans movement’

It’s been a rollercoaster year for Caitlyn Jenner. Since making history with her revolutionary Vanity Fair cover back in June, the former Olympian has become one of 2015’s most visible trans women: sparking debate and spilling fresh new perspective into the mainstream.

Unfortunately, she’s also had a shitload of criticism to go along with it. Branded “desperate” by Germaine Greer, Jenner’s privileged lifestyle has seen her be accused of ignorance and flippancy by many detractors – a growing group which, weirdly, now includes US whistleblower Chelsea Manning.

The former soldier – who is currently transitioning in a men’s military prison – has called Jenner a “grinch” who hijacked this year’s trans movement. “In 2015 @Caitlyn_Jenner was the grinch who stole (and sold out) the trans movement,” wrote Manning on Twitter. “All I want for Xmas is Universal Trans Lib.”

Manning, who is currently serving a 35 year sentence, was nearly placed in solitary confinement earlier this year for reportedly being in possession of Jenner’s Vanity Fair – so her criticism comes as a slight surprise. She has yet to clarify her comments.

“I guess it’s true that there are some things that I have not gotten right,” defended Jenner in a recent statement. “Sometimes this is because I’m still finding out about the issues. Sometimes this is because something that is true for me isn’t true for other people in our community. And sometimes I’ve said things that just come out the wrong way.”

“But I am only one person. There are a lot of ways of being trans. And I want to help create a world in which people are able to express their gender in any way that is true and authentic for them. And most importantly – a world in which how a trans person is treated isn’t dependent on how they look.”