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Anonymous have apparently foiled their first terror attack

#OperationIsis is stepping into the real world

After weeks of rickrolls and rubber ducks, Anonymous are finally ready to step into the real world. According to new claims made on Twitter earlier this week, the global “hackitivist” group have apparently foiled an IRL terror attack in Italy – the first in their growing “cyber war” with Isis.

The claims were made by the #OpParis official account on Monday, who revealed that the cyber group had been “working in silence” on the project all December. “We have already foiled one attack #ISIS against #Italy, we hope to block others,” they wrote, before shrugging off any skeptics. “We don't need to be believed, the important thing is that no one dies.”

They also revealed that a video would be released once the target had been stopped – though they’re yet to clarify exactly what the film would feature. “(It) will be released after the op is completed. No time to satisfy your curiosity, stay tuned...” the account added. “We will do a video with information about the attacks but first forward with #OpParis, we are at a delicate point.”

See the all the tweets below:

The news comes nearly two months after the Paris attacks, which saw Anonymous announce their “biggest operation ever” against the militant group. Since then, nearly 5000 pro-Isis social media accounts have been infiltrated – with the hackers apparently working on ways to shut down a further 1000 each day.